If your computer or laptop is suddenly slow, unpredictable and popping up with unusual messages, you are likely to have a virus on the computer.

What is a virus?

A computer virus is probably the best known and most dangerous threat to computer security. Just like an organic virus, a computer virus attaches itself to healthy computer programs. There are thousands of different viruses capable of attacking various parts of the computer.

Below is a list of the most common symptoms that indicate your computer has been infected: 

  • Files and data are mysteriously deleted
  • The computer takes longer to load programs/applications
  • Items and images on your screen are distorted and unusual images and text appears
  • Unusual noises come from your hard disk
  • Hard disk operates excessively or is inaccessible
  • Disk space and filenames change for no reason

Protecting yourself

The best way to protect yourself against viruses is to install a good Anti-Virus Software package.  For the home user, AVG Free is ideal (when correctly configured) as it is free to download and update.   It can be set up to update daily, and it sits quietly in the background.

Other well known packages available on the market are Norton or McAfee, although these are not free.  

Anti-Virus packages may not always protect you against the latest virus, but offer the best solution possible. You should always try the following

  • Install Anti-Virus Software.
  • Keep your  Anti-Virus Software up-to-date.
  • Install a personal Firewall
  • Always allow Windows / Apple / Linux updates, as these patch security holes.
  • DON'T open email messages that look suspicious
  • DON'T click on email attachments you were not expecting
  • Download files only from trusted websites.

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