Wireless Broadband Security

Take it seriously!

Most people could take a wireless router out of the box and set up a Wireless Network without too much difficulty.  In fact, manufacturers design their products as such to make this process as simple as possible.

However the everyday user may be unaware of the types of security risk they are exposed to if the network is not set up with adequate security.

Did you know that:

  • Wireless networks don't stop at the walls of your home
  • You may be liable for any illegal downloading that takes place using your network
  • Your personal information could be captured within minutes

More consequences of an insecure network include:

  • Slower download speeds
  • Download limits imposed by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are exceeded because somebody is stealing your bandwith

Remember if they can see you, you can see them! Here's How:

  1. Click on start
  2. Click on network (this will list the devices connected to your computer
  3. In this list you should see your own pc's or laptops.  If you see any other unknown computers, there is somebody using your wireless network
  4. Call Mat & Mouse, we can encrypt your network using the highest level of security available so that only you and your computers can connect to your network.

Beware Wireless Installations by Non-Specialist Companies.  Small businesses who outsource their IT support to companies that do not offer Secure Wireless Networking will be unaware of the risks that they are taking. The network may be up and running, but the company who has installed it may not have addressed or fixed any security issues.

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