You may think you have a virus on the computer, but it could be scareware. If you have a virus or scareware on your computer or laptop, it needs to be removed without delay.

Security Tool: Scareware

There is a particularly nasty rogue security software making its rounds again at the moment called Security Tool.

It a form of computer malware that aims to trick users into paying for the fake removal of viruses that aren't actually there. It usually installs itself into computers via websites, particulary social networking, and websites that offer free scanning tools.

When a computer or laptop is infected, the user may see an image similar to below:

Security Tool

This usually prevents the user from closing these windows, and also prevents the user from using the computer.

This message does not necessarily mean that there is an actual virus. This programme will not scan for viruses, and it will not remove viruses. It is designed solely to trick users into giving payment details and defraud cash.

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These rogue antivirus programmes can be safely removed from your computer by Mat & Mouse IT Services. Please contact us for further details.

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